Senti Solutions Inc.

About Us

Senti Solutions is a full service engineering, design, and manufacturing firm which was founded in 2015 in Guelph, Ontario. We work closely with clients to provide high quality innovative solutions in some of the most difficult environments, including explosive/hazardous areas, pressure vessels, cGMP, and more. Our extensive experience navigating some of the most stringent regulations in past projects equips our team to tackle any task which our clients may encounter.

Senti Solutions is an ISO:9001 accredited company proudly based in Ontario, Canada.

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Our Projects

Yellowstone Extraction Co.

High efficiency solvent recovery equipment for the botanical extraction industry. This equipment allows for solvent to be evaporated out of solution without degradation to thermally sensitive products.

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Direct Distill

Steam based waste-to-value equipment for the agricultural industry. Direct Distill systems are primarily used for pyrolysis of waste products to produce biochar or activated carbon. These systems can also be used to produce high value distillates directly from biomass - bypassing the need for solvent-based extraction processes.

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Producers of innovative power generation technologies. Baromotive generators capture waste heat and convert it to green electrical power in an efficient and affordable manner. This technology is useful in both industrial applications and for remote communities.

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Modular equipment for hydrocarbon-based extraction of cannabinoids. Genome equipment provides safe and compliant equipment for each phase of the extraction and refinement process.

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