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About Senti Solutions.

Senti Solutions Inc. is an engineering design company that focuses on unique phase change, energy transfer and mass transfer applications. We work on fundamental concepts and bring them to working prototypes ready for large scale manufacturing for a wide array of applications. Our manufacturing partners across North America help us manufacture, install and service machinery that we design.
Sight glass on the Falling Film Evaporator
fig 1. custom vessel design

Two phase flow.

We design and prototype mass transfer systems for solid-liquid transport, gas-liquid interfacing and gas-solid conveyance.
Diffusion conderser while operating
fig 2. diffusion condenser
Custom Heat exchanger design. We create heat exchange solutions for delicate compound preservation, difficult temperature control applications and two phase flow systems.
Internal view of the Falling Film Evaporator
fig 3. falling film evaporator
Physical chemistry. We design systems to perform isolation and refinement operations that are dependent on physical chemistry characteristics. From crystallization to custom chromatography applications.
Schematic diagram for the Falling Film Evaporator
fig 4. evaporator unit schematic